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Golden Nuggets: Best Cal Football Win Since the 2010 World Cup

Which is the best Cal football win since the last World Cup. With only sixteen wins since the last Cup, we don't have many choices...

So long ago.  So very long ago.
So long ago. So very long ago.
Jason O. Watson

World Cup fever is spreading and Uncle Ted is the latest victim.  This week the ESPN Pac-12 blog takes a look at the best football (handegg, not divegrass) wins since the last world cup.


The Bears haven’t had a lot of quality victories between World Cups. They went 0-4 against rival Stanford and failed to beat an FBS team in 2013. In fact, they’ve lost 16 straight games to FBS squads. Their last win was on Oct. 13, 2012, when they topped Washington State 31-17. The week before, however, they shocked a surging UCLA team, 43-17, behind a 25-of-30 passing performance by Zach Maynard, who threw for 295 yards and four touchdowns.

Well, that's depressing.  If you want to see the same list for the Pac-12 South, check out the link here.  I don't know whether to be pleased or not that no one's most remarkable win came against us.  It's been a while since a win over Cal was a memorable accomplishment...


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