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Cal Men's Basketball Releases The Non-Conference Schedule For 2014-2015


Rob Kinnan-USA TODAY Sports

Gaze upon the beauty of the 2014-2015 non-conference schedule, complete with TBA! Credit to valued reader and up and coming contributor boomtho for compiling the article into an easier to read list form.

Nov 14 – 2K Sports - TBA (home)
Nov 16 – 2K Sports - TBA (home)
Nov 20, 21 Championship round of 2K sports – either Texas, Syracuse, or Iowa (away, NY)
Nov 26 – Cal Poly (home)
Nov 30 – Fresno State (away)
Dec 3 – Montana (home – Decuire!!)
Dec 7 – Nevada (away, Reno)
Dec 10 – Wyoming (home)
Dec 13 – Princeton (home)
Dec 19 – E. Washington (home)
Dec 22 – WISCONSIN!! (home)
Dec 28 – CSU Bakersfield (home)

A few big names in there, such as Wisconsin, Syracuse, and Texas.  A lot of not so big names in there, also.  What is your thought on the 2014-2015 non-conference schedule?  Tell us in the comments!