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Cal football fans, who is your second favorite team to root for?

Do you root for a team outside of the Bears?

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Nick Kranz: To the extent that I root for anybody other than Cal? Michigan. A blue and gold, prestigious public university with a great fight song and a ferocious mammal for a mascot? What's not to like?

atomsareenough: Well, again, it's obviously Syracuse because I went there. But beyond that? I guess I kinda pull for Colorado in-conference. I'll root for Wisconsin in the Big Ten because I have friends and family that went there and I have fond memories of Madison. Really though I'm all about Cal and then Syracuse. I kinda like underdogs and interesting personalities and styles of play and storylines. I like Les Miles and LSU. It's neat to watch the football that's happening at a place like Baylor or Texas Tech. But I don't really care about those institutions.

Berkelium97: I'm partial to Georgia.  I have some family who have been out there for a decade and I've grown fond of the Bulldogs since then.  Saturdays in the fall out there are like religious holidays and it's hard not to get swept up in the pageantry.  Mark Richt is a great coach who has never quite satisfied the hopes of Georgia fans of reaching a national championship game (not unlike pre-2007 Tedford and the Rose Bowl), so I can appreciate the analogous situation.  And it is an indisputable fact that Uga is an adorable and charming mascot.

Vlad Belo: Michigan State. I grew up a Spartan fan because my parents were MSU grad school alumni and big fans. Neither one of them went to undergrad at a place with major college football or basketball, so it was easy for them to catch Spartan fever when they went to grad school there. And I started rooting for Sparty along with them.

HydroTech: San Jose State. Because they're the only other Bay Area team you can root for.

LeonPowe: I suspect I'll be roundly booed here, but Oregon. My mom is an Oregon grad. Half my co-workers are. I like the color "Volt" and all the myriad uniform choices. I always want them to stomp out-of-conference rivals, which isn't true for teams like Furd, USC or even UCLA (who I rooted for as a kid).