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California Golden Bears to the Collegiate Rugby Championships Final to take on the Kutztown Golden Bears

Phew! Bears just able to beat UCLA 20-17 to advance to the CRC final at 2:30 PM PT on NBC.

Cal captain Seamus Kelly got a try in the 20-17 semifinal win over UCLA
Cal captain Seamus Kelly got a try in the 20-17 semifinal win over UCLA
Ruey Yen

2014 Collegiate Rugby Championship Final

When: 2:30 PM PT


Chester, PA - Golden Bears are back in the CRC Final after again downing the UCLA Bruins ruggers in the semi-final for the 2nd consecutive year. Plagued by several mistakes such as kicking the ball out of bound, the first half ended with the Bears and the Bruins in a 5-5 tie. Bears' Anderson got in for a try at the far left corner for the first score of the game, Bears can't convert the very tough conversion. UCLA fought back with a try (from Sharpe) just before the half time buzzer.

The 2nd half saw the Bears jump out to a 15-5 lead (captain Seamus Kelly with a try follow by a 2nd try by Anderson, both unconverted) after a UCLA scoring chance was averted by Cal stealing the ball on a lineout. Just when you think that's it for UCLA, the Bruins got a quick unconverted try to cut the lead to 15-10 with 2:24 left. Immediately after that, a Bears miscue allowed a try down the middle to the Bruins where they made the easy conversion for a 17-15 UCLA lead with just 1 minutes left.

UCLA tried to kill time by kicking the ball out of bound, but the Bears quickly struck back with Battaglia getting in for a try. UCLA's last attempt to score was stopped via a turnover just as the time expires. Bears promptly kicked the ball out of bound for the win.

In another big surprise, Kutztown Golden Bears upset the Life Eagles 19-17 to advance to the All-Golden Bears final.

Golden Bears vs. Golden Bears....There can be only one!