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Golden Nuggets: Scott Chong previews the Northwestern game with Wildcats fans

Northwestern fansite Lake the Posts turn to CGB's Scott Chong for some analysis in advance of our season opener.

Kelley L Cox-USA TODAY Sports

Is it football time yet?

To help that kickoff come earlier, our own Scott Chong spoke with Lake the Posts, a Northwestern blog, about the Bears' status heading into our season-opening face-off.

[Lake the Posts]: What should we expect when Cal visits Evanston this year? Is this the makings of a nifty little rivalry?

Scott: I'd predict a shoot-out. I doubt that our defense will do much to stop your offense either, especially if your O-line/QB play is better and your star RB is back from injury. If it looks like our offense is running on all cylinders, your guys will probably fake injuries again and your coach will deny it. (This is not why we lost the game last, fwiw.)
The post-game tension between Dykes/Fitzgerald makes for an interesting storyline that probably helps build the feeling of a rivalry that might be more grudging than nifty. It's too bad; off the field, I get the sense that both fan bases have a lot in common. I've enjoyed interacting with a lot of Northwestern fans over the past year.

Thanks to the folks at Lake the Posts for talking with us and we'll have their answers to some of our questions in a few days. Kudos to them for having a good sense of humor about their never-ending cramps, even though their readers don't think our program is very "academically minded."

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