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Damariay Drew arrested for allegedly defending himself from a dog attack

It's never a good thing when our student-athletes show up on a police blotter.

Robert Hanashiro-USA TODAY Sport

Henry K. Lee of the San Francisco Chronicle reports on another potential criminal assault case involving the football team, and this one does identify Cal safety Damariay Drew as the supposed perpetrator. Drew has been alleged to kick a man and his dog multiple times near Frat Row and was arrested and jailed for those allegations.

Drew, a 20-year-old strong safety, confronted the victim at about 2:50 p.m. Tuesday on the 2700 block of Bancroft Way, across from the UC Berkeley School of Law on the southern edge of campus near fraternity row, said Berkeley police Capt. Erik Upson.

The victim, who was not identified, called police to report that "his dog had been kicked and he had been punched several times," Upson said. But when officers arrived on the scene, the alleged assailant was gone.

The victim suffered "very serious injuries," Upson said.

An investigation led to the identification of Drew as the suspect, police said, and he was arrested Thursday on suspicion of committing felony battery with seriously bodily injury and inflicting great bodily injury in the commission of a felony.

Drew is currently in Berkeley City Jail, with bail set at $100,000. He will appear in Alameda County court on Monday.

Cal Athletics has already stated they are fully cooperating with the Berkeley Police Department and that Drew has been suspended indefinitely until further notice.

Drew was slated to be part of the safety rotation next season along with Michael Lowe, Avery Sebastian, and had a decent chance at a starting spot come fall time.  That clearly takes a backseat to getting this incident sorted out.

*UPDATE*  Additional info from the SF Chronicle:

Drew's attorney, Darryl Stallworth, said his client had been attacked by the dog. "I'm asking everyone to be patient and wait for all of the evidence from both sides to be presented," he said. "There is culpability on both sides. The issue will be who provoked who and the right to defend yourself."