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Memorial Stadium news: Kabam Field logo unveiled, international sporting event this summer?

Lots of stuff happening at our little Strawberry Canyon jewel.

Kabam Twitter

The mobile gaming company Kabam announced a partnership this offseason with Cal Athletics for naming rights to the field at California Memorial Stadium. The deal was rumored at $18 million, meant to last for 15 years. The deal also ensured other cool things for the stadium, including an interactive gaming zone at the stadium.

Kabam also will be establishing a scholarship program, library donations, internships, as well as executive exchanges as well as an "innovation lab".

Today the logo was announced. What does everyone think about seeing this logo on the two 25-yard lines at Cal, and potential signage on the 50-yard line?

Has anyone played their games yet?

Meanwhile, another big announcement appears to be on its way for Memorial Stadium. There will be an announcement tomorrow on an international event that's on its way to Berkeley later this season.

WHAT: A news conference to announce a major international sporting event to be held on the University of California, Berkeley, campus this summer. Representatives from the organizer and campus will be present to discuss the event and answer questions.

WHEN: The news conference will start at 11:45 a.m. on Friday, May 9.

WHERE: The news conference will be held inside the Field Club, which is on the first level of California Memorial Stadium and accessible through Lisa and Douglas Goldman Plaza on the west side of the facility. Media can enter through either Gate 2 at the north end of the stadium or Gate 5 at the south end of the stadium

If it's this summer, I can't think of many things that would take place other than an international tour of a club soccer team. International clubs usually tour the world during the late summer in preparation for the next soccer season, so I think it will probably be something along those lines.

UPDATE: Crumpacker seems to confirm soccer event, it might be the first scoop he's put in since the Carter era.

What are your predictions for tomorrow's announcement?