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Golden Nuggets: Celebrating the 2013–14 year with the Oskis!

Reflecting on the 2013–14 season by awarding our student-athletes with the Oskis. And, as always, Missy Franklin wins all.

It's the 2014 Oskis!
It's the 2014 Oskis!
Cal Athletics

This week, the Bears held the Oskis to celebrate all of our student-athletes at the end of the year. Of course, the Bears can't just have your usual party. Cal—our student-athletes in particular—went to great lengths to ensure the event would be certified green.

Led by the efforts of senior swimmer Scott Farley, this year's edition of the The Oskis is a certified green event by Cal's Office of Sustainability. Farley, assisted by freshman Nicole Vincelette of the lacrosse team, worked to meet the Office of Sustainability's requirements to make it officially green. The event had to meet certain prerequisites, and planners had to come up with two innovation points that demonstrate further reduction of the impact The Oskis will have on the environment.

"Having this certification shows that the students in the athletic department are interested in reducing our impact," said Farley, who Monday received the Neufeld Scholar-Athlete Award given to the graduating senior with the highest cumulative GPA. "Being here for four years, I know there a lot of things that we could do."

Kudos to Farley and Vincelette for thinking beyond themselves and demonstrating this altruism.

And let's turn to Twitter for some live reporting from the event.

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