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Golden Recruiting Wire: A Change of Focus

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With Brady White committed to the Sun Devils, the Bears focus in on a new QB recruit.

Kelley L Cox-USA TODAY Sports

Travis Waller, QB (dual threat), Anaheim (Ca.)

Great article on Waller accompanied by a short highlight tape/interview.

Waller is an intriguing player. Long and lanky, but still fast and agile, I must admit he does remind me a little bit of Zach Maynard in terms of the way he navigates the pocket (that in no way, is meant to be a positive or negative remark aimed at either player, I just noticed that they seem to move in a similar way). Waller is a highly coveted recruit already. His GPA and penchant for spread offenses make him an excellent fit for Cal.

If he decided to play here, his speed would allow us to add an entire new dimension to our offense: the read option. We tried to do it a little with Zach during Tedford's last few years and we weren't very successful. Schools that truly are good at this, e.g. Oregon or Clemson, have very fast QBs--something that Waller definitely is. I've always believed that a QB who poses a threat on the ground automatically makes himself twice as dangerous through the air.

Yep, give Waller the keys to Sonny Dykes' offense and you could see some real fireworks down the road. Hope we get this guy.

Some other new offers.

Tavian Lott, DB, Snow College (Ut).

Hudl Highlights

Hard to make an strong assessments with the limited amount of tape on Lott. Regardless, I will say this: our DB corps is far too thin right now to not start looking at JUCO CB and S talent around the country. We can't have a situation like last year again, where so many freshman were pushed into the starting line up under-prepared. JUCO players often come more ready for the field given their age. Lott is big enough, fast enough, and covers well enough to justify the offer. Plus, I like JC guys. They had to get theirs the "hard way," so to speak.

Tyrell Jacobs, DT, Rummel High (La.)

Kevin Estes, OL, San Marcos (Ca.)

Hudl Highlights

Damian Alloway, WR, Fontana (Ca.)

Class of 2016, but it would be stupid not to offer Alloway now. He'll be a solidified 4 star recruit by this time next year. Simply way too much speed and athleticism. Could probably play either offense or defense, and his offers will vary program to program. I'd like him at corner because he's not only fast, but quick too. I don't think he's large enough to justify playing him at tailback. He'd be deadly as a slot receiver though.

Kenneth McGruder, DB, Houston (Tx.)

Happy to see McGruber showing some apparent interest. 247 is predicting him heading to LSU, which I frankly agree with. I don't see a Texas kid, and one with no competing offers from UT, A&M, or the handful of other Texas powers, turning down the Tigers. It's simply too good of an offer. However, I could see him coming to Cal if he had a real itch to get out West, which many Texas high school students do (I can't tell you how many Texas people I knew in my graduating class--it was a lot!).

New news on Trent Irwin--Brady White's teammate and star receiver.

This is definitely some good news to hear; I'm glad to see that we aren't automatically disqualified because White is heading to ASU. If I had to guess, I'd say that we're in the lead, along with the likes of Stanford and ASU, for acquiring Irwin's services next year.