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Men's basketball: Stephen Domingo transfers; Yanni Hufnagel hired as assistant

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Coach Cuonzo Martin continues to build his program.

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Tommy Gilligan-USA TODAY Sports

new addition has been made to Coach Cuonzo Martin's coaching staff: Yanni Hufnagel.

Hufnagel spent four years at Harvard where he was the recruiting coordinator and responsible for perimeter play and opponent scouting; during this time, the Crimson had four 20-win seasons, three Ivy League championships, and three NCAA Tournament bids. He spent the past year as an assistant coach at Vanderbilt.

It is expected that he will use this experience to play a huge role in recruiting and helping show top-notch talentincluding in-state playerswhy they should be Golden Bears. His recruiting prowess was said to be "felt immediately" at Vanderbilt and his tenure at Harvard suggests he knows how to target academically- and athletically-gifted players.


In addition, Cal also gained a player in Georgetown transfer Stephen Domingo!

The sophomore wing is a California native who has always expressed interest in high-academic schools and has the potential to becoming an offensive threat in the Blue and Gold.

Today, we have two new Golden Bears who have been successful on the court, but also understand the importance of academic success. In other words, just the kind of people we need at Cal!

Welcome Domingo and Hufnagel to the Cal Family!