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Golden Nuggets: Aaron Rodgers is the best QB in the NFL and darn good at getting you hired

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Aaron Rodgers must give the best recommendations, doing his best to get Kansas basketball's Tarik Black and Coach Jeff Tedford into the NFL.

Jonathan Daniel

Getting a recommendation from the NFL's best quarterback must mean something.

QB Aaron Rodgers must have seen something special in Kansas's Tarik Black as he has offered his assistance to Black in preparation for the NFL Draft. The weird thing is that Black is a basketball player... In trying to make Black the next big basketballer-turned-TE, Rodgers and Black have been playing hard-to-get on their cell phones. You don't want to seem too interested!

"One of the guys in our media department said, 'Aaron Rodgers likes you. Likes you a lot,'" [Black] recalls.

Black laughed it off. Then he heard this:

"No, he really likes you. He wants you to try out for Green Bay."

It still didn't register. Even when Black was handed Rodgers' cell phone number, he refused to text the former MVP for a month. "I didn't know what to say," he explains. Black's roommate had to nudge him into it. Finally he composed a message:

Perhaps less surprisingly, Rodgers never has a bad thing to say about Coach Jeff Tedford, helping boost Chicago's Coach Lovie Smith interest in Tedford.

Spurred partly by a glowing recommendation from an old rival, Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers, Smith flew ex-Cal coach Jeff Tedford to Chicago last November to see if their philosophies meshed. Tedford, fired in 2012 after a largely successful 11-year stint in Berkeley that included a near-Rose Bowl season with Rodgers in 2004, ultimately agreed to become Smith's offensive coordinator wherever he landed.

"Hey, we were both unemployed," Smith says. "He's got a long history of (developing) guys who made it to this league. Also, I knew he'd be refreshed."


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