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Cal Rugby 7s in Collegiate Rugby Championships Saturday Gamethread

Golden Bears (2-0) are in great shape to make the knock-out round on Sunday with two convincing wins. However they needs to beat Maryland (2-0) to ensure a spot in the final 8. Cal vs. Maryland at noon PT will shown live on NBC.

The Golden Bears are getting ready before their first game on Saturday
The Golden Bears are getting ready before their first game on Saturday
Ruey Yen

California Golden Bears (2-0) vs. Maryland Terrapins (2-0)

When: 12:07 PM PT


With yesterday's 36-14 win over Temple and this morning's 36-0 win over Drexel, the Bears are in a good shape with regards to making the final 8. However, only the 5 group winners and the next 3 best teams (via record and then point differential where the Bears are doing pretty well) will advance to the meaningful games tomorrow.

The Bears will start a new rivalry with the Maryland Terrapins on the rugby pitch at 12:07 PM today when they face the 2-0 Terps. Maryland were 26-0 winner of Drexel yesterday and 19-5 winner of Temple today.

Given the number of times that the Golden Bears have their season ended by the Terps in other sports (Men's Soccer comes to mind), it sure would be nice for the Bears to show their rugby dominance this afternoon.

Disclaimer: As a Cal and Maryland alum, I'm particularly bitter toward the one-sidedness of Cal vs. Maryland in sports in recent year. Other than the Football win in Berkeley (which sort of made up for the team losing at Maryland the year before), there were way too many Cal elimination (in men's basketball and men's soccer - twice) by Maryland in the last 6 years.

More examples of CGB having no editorial integrity:


Just in case you're worried, Bears' point differential makes them almost a lock at this point, but the same can't be said for Maryland.

Today's full TV coverage can be found below

Full Schedule:


Sat. May 31: NBC 3-4:30 p.m. ET12-1:30 p.m. PT, NBCSN 4:30-6 p.m. ET1:30-3 p.m. PT

That's 3 hours of live rugby on TV today (and also tomorrow). I would not be surprised if the Cal-Drexel match from this morning is rebroadcasted at some point.