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What do you want to ask Coach Likens and Coach Yenser?

In which there is more talk of lunch.

Hello CGB readers -- recently, Coach Likens and Coach Yenser ran a Twitter lottery and reached out to a few fans with a sit-down lunch invitation, which, as of now, looks like it'll be some time early next week, place and time still TBD.

While it's too late to earn an invite, the good news is that they've expressed interest in making this a somewhat regular thing with the fans in the future. Until then, here's what you can do to be involved: leave your questions in the comments!

What would you like to ask Coach Likens and Coach Yenser? Have questions on a player? Want to hear a crazy recruiting story? This is your chance.

Side note: I won't be tape recording the lunch, because that would be rude, but I can make sure to cover at least a good portion of the topics/questions over the course of the conversation. [Lest you be worried about how much I can retain, well...the last lunch article was re-written entirely from memory as well.]