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Cal announces game times for Sacramento State, Oregon, and USC games

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Do you like these game times?

Kelvin Kuo-USA TODAY Sports

Cal has released game times for three 2014 football games, SacSt, Oregon, and USC.  Relevant to this discussion, I saw a woman driving a car with a USC Alumni license plate this morning and I'm still shaking with rage.

Here are the three announced times:

Sat., Sept. 6 – Sacramento State (Pac-12 Networks, Noon)

*^Fri., Oct. 24 – Oregon (FOX Sports 1, 7 p.m. PT)

*Thu., Nov. 13 – at USC (ESPN, 6 p.m. PT)

Holy formatting, Val Kilmer's Batman!  I'm deeply disturbed the SacSt game is at noon, because it is a)the first home game of the year and b)cutting WAAAAAAAAAAAAY into tailgating time (aka the first tailgate of the year).  Is nothing sacred anymore?

Putting the Oregon game at 7 is slightly less horrific than putting it at 6, because traffic down to Santa Clara will be slightly less horrific.  Sorry East Coast fans!  As for the USC game at 6 PM, I lack an opinion on this matter.  I guess it is similar to Oregon if traffic in LA is bad.  I just don't know if that is the case, though.  Does anybody have any thoughts on LA traffic?  Share them in the comments!

You'll note that outside of Sacramento State (a game sure to draw dozens upon dozens of TV eyeballs), they released the non-Saturday games.  We'll probably not find out the Saturday game times until just a few weeks away from those individual games.  So, this may be the last Offseason Game Time Release Post for a while.  Sorry, guys, I know how much you love my Offseason Game Time Release Posts.  We'll always have the good times, though.

Tell us your thoughts on these starts times in the comments.  Like them?  Hate them?  Relaxed indifference towards them?  It's the off-season, so it's all fair game!