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Golden Recruiting Wire: Good News from Bear Territory

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Several very highly touted prospects have Cal as their top choices, more offers go out

Cary Edmondson-USA TODAY Sports

The best news this week undoubtedly revolves around Isaiah Langley, the Foothill (Pleasanton, Ca.) prospect. Langley is listed as a 4 star athlete by ESPN, and boasts a handful of offers from the PAC-12. At around 5'11, 170 lbs, Langley markets himself as both a capable WR and CB. I could see him playing either or, or even both in college.

Among his top choices are Notre Dame, USC, and Cal. Initially, I thought for sure that this was a race we weren't going to win, until Langley said that Cal feels like home.

Very good news! Let's keep our fingers crossed, but as of now, I am very optimistic.

Overall, a very impressive player. Well-rounded, with good speed, agility, hands, and also seems to possess all of the important intangibles. I'd love to see him at Cal, and really do think he could contribute on either side of the ball.

Trent Irwin Update

Irwin seems to be enticed to follow his high school QB to ASU. However, that is definitely not a sure thing, as he still has us in his top 5, along with Stanford. Who knows how this one will play out. Irwin is the kind of receiver who could start, if not get significant playing time as a freshman. He already has the size and speed to effectively compete at the D1 level.

Here's a Wescott Eberts write up where  he details some of his college choices, as well as his recent invitation to "The Opening."

And some new offers....

Wazzu commit, Tyler Hilinski, was just recently offered by Cal.

Hilinksi is a  pro-style QB from Sherman Oaks, Ca. Looks like Cal's still interested in the prototypical pro-style QB, despite all of the dual threat guys we've been offering recently.

Hudl Highlights

Some recent 7 on 7 highlights

Semisi Uluave, Punahou (HI).

6'5, 315 lbs offensive tackle from Hawaii whose stock is quickly rising. Cal almost immediately offered him after he had received a coveted "The Opening" invitation.

Looks like other schools have followed suit, as Vanderbilt just offered him yesterday. Glad that we offered early here.

Hudl Highlights

Trevor Howard, DT, Oaks Christian (Ca.)

Hudl Highlights

Justice Shelton-Mosley, WR, Sacramento (Ca.)

An under the radar recruit who we offered last month. I think he could be a sleeper for his class, and is definitely worth keeping an eye on.

Another player to keep an eye on is Noah Nix, RB/WR from Collinsville (Ms.) A player with with a huge upside; extremely versatile, and has big play capability.

Lastly, we had some recent player visits to campus...

Including our no. 1 QB recruit, Travis Waller.

Who unfortunately also just picked up the ever-enticing Alabama offer.

While Waller was on campus, coach Burns made an inhouse visit to talented CB prospect Kenneth McGruder.

While coach Ingram was making his own inhouse visit to Traveon Samuel.