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Golden Nuggets: National media looking forward to what Goff and Dykes can do

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Despite a nightmarish 2013 season, the national media consider Coach Sonny Dykes and QB Jared Goff to be potential highlights for the national college football scene in 2014.

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This will come as a surprise to you, but Cal football somewhat struggled in 2013.

And yet, the national media sees some promise for better days in Oski's future. Sports Illustrated thinks there's potential for Coach Sonny Dykes to return to the success he had at Louisiana Tech and for signs of that progress to start showing in 2014, naming it one of their top 100 things to look forward to about the next season.

Cal took a step back in Dykes' debut in Berkeley. Cal's 1-11 campaign was a far cry from the coach's history of success at Louisiana Tech. With prolific passer Jared Goff (3,508 yards in ‘13) back for his sophomore season, can the offensive-minded Dykes make the Bear Raid a winner?

Another potential area where Cal can make a splash nationally is at quarterback thanks to QB Jared Goff. The NFL listed the will-be-sophomore as one of the top ten quarterbacks to watch next year.

It's hard to heap a ton of praise on a quarterback with only one win under his belt as a starter, but anyone who watched Goff progress over the 2013 season could see his extraordinary talent and potential. The super sophomore is a polished pocket passer with A-plus arm talent and a terrific feel for the position. He is capable of making every throw in the book with zip and velocity, while also displaying the timing, touch and anticipation to make finesse throws down the field. Given more chances to toss the ball around the yard to a talented set of pass-catchers, Goff could lead the nation in passing yards as a second-year starter.

Goff could very well be one of the top quarterbacks next year, but let's hope that he doesn't lead the nation in passing yards as Dykes et al. will be trying for a more balanced attack than what we saw last year.

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