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Cal football: Which team outside of your rivals do you dislike the most?

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There are plenty of schools mentioned!

Steve Dykes

Nick Kranz: Outside of the Pac-12 my rooting interests tend to ebb and flow based on team strength and coaching/player personalities. For example, I can't say I gave a second thought about Arkansas until Bret Bielema put his foot in his mouth. But I've disliked Notre Dame for a long, long time because of the various special privileges they have enjoyed for so long without really deserving them, and for the role they play in screwing up the Big Game because Stanford refuses to stand up to them.

atomsareenough: TEXAS. They are the worst. Notre Dame is also up there for their undeserved special privileges and general overrated-ness. Ohio State is also really annoying and I dislike pretty much the entire state of Ohio. Texas A&M also rubs me the wrong way, and has it always seemed weird to me that their home games feel like they're being played at a combination military academy/frat party. I'd list Alabama and Auburn but that state doesn't really have anything else going for it except college football. At the end of the day, Texas really runs away with it in terms of general douchebaggery and contemptibility.

Berkelium97: This varies from year to year and is often dependent on coaches. I never cared for Chip Kelly, so I disliked Oregon during his reign. Now that he's gone, I've rekindled my fondness for our feathered friends in Eugene. Same story with Sark--I can't stand that guy so my dislike for UW is now nonexistent and my dislike for USC has skyrocketed again. And, of course, I had a seething hatred for Texas when Mack Brown was there, but I'm sure it will begin to wane this season. A recent addition to the list is Pat Fitzgerald at Northwestern for his obstinate refusal to acknowledge his team's injury-faking antics last season.

There are some schools such as ASU and Texas A&M that I will never like due to their terrible fans.

Vlad Belo: Boise State. I was never fond of them. The blue turf ? Hate it. Their rise to Division 1 prominence? Annoyed me. I guess I should have more appreciation for the rise, but I just don't. Right or wrong, I think of BSU as a glorified junior college.

Nam Le: Nobody is worth my disdain except our rivals.

Berkelium97: Until we snap our 55-year streak of missing out on the Rose Bowl, everyone deserves disdain.

HydroTech: USC. It's easy to dislike assholes.

LeonPowe: I had a bad visiting fan experience at WSU, but that was a long time ago. I save my dislike for the three California teams, but I can't think of a team outside those 3 I'd say I dislike. And even then, dislike is a strong word - I like UCLA's program and what Mora has done. USC is no longer a juggernaut - so that just leaves the school across the Bay.

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