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Golden Recruiting Wire: Takkarist McKinley gets the deja vu offer

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Cal revisits an old recruit, and a handful of new offers are given out.

Gary A. Vasquez-USA TODAY Sports

As summer approaches, things are starting to get more and more exciting in the recruiting world.

While some recruits, such as Brady White, will be making their decisions sooner rather than later (today), for the majority of recruits this is the time where they start honing in on their favorite schools.

In the midst of all this, a familiar name has shown up on our recruiting radar. Takkarist McKinley.

Those of you who followed our recruiting posts last year know that he was a major name. A local product, many people thought that McKinley would become one of the answers to our defensive woes. Unfortunately, Takkarist had some academic issues that forced him to attend junior college instead. He's now at Contra Costa college now. We've offered him once again, but now he's getting a whole lot of attention from other schools as well. Hopefully his heart's still set on being a Bear after this year.

Here are his video highlights from signing day last year.

As you can, Mckinley is a true athlete. Even though he's a big guy, if he came to Cal, he'd probably still be one of the fastest players on the team, and could probably even participate in the Cal track program (if you didn't know Mckinley was a major track star in high school).

From a pure personnel standpoint, Mckinley would be an incredible weapon to have, and could likely play a handful of positions on the defensive side of the ball. I'd love to see him at defensive end, the position he plays now. I think his speed would be a really asset here. However, he would also make a fine outside linebacker.

Here's an interview from after a game at Contra Costa.

Love to see that this guy's working hard both on and off the field. Really hope it works out for him--and us!

Another Kennedy high school player, Ernie Timoteo, was also offered by Cal recently. Great to see us picking up some of the local talent here, especially this early on in recruiting season.

Timoteo is a speed back, but still has decent size, standing over 6 feet tall and weighing just over 200 lbs. Hopefully, our strong relationship with Kennedy high school can continue on if they keep producing talent of this caliber.

To be honest, he reminds me a lot of Daniel Lasco in high school. He's a taller back, and runs a bit high, but still uses his straight line speed to beat pursuing defenders to their angles. He essentially outruns people. He hardly ever makes more than a few cuts--he never stops his feet, and he hardly even needs to use his size to break tackles. I think at the next level he'll have to develop into more of a power back--which is what Lasco has done--but that shouldn't be an issue for him because of his strong build. I can't believe we're this kids only offer. Good pick up.

Kenneth McGruder, Safety, Houston (Tx.)

Extremely talented safety athlete (who I think is a bit underrated at 3 stars). LSU wants him, as well as several other SEC schools. Good news is that he's got legitimate interest in Cal, so I'd say we have a real shot here. A big, physical safety like this guy will be a great replacement for Avery when he decides to move on.

Here are some players that visited this past weekend for the spring game.

Jake Hanson, OL, Eureka (Ca.)

Hudl Highlights

Zeandre Johnson, TE, Fresno (Ca.)

Hudl Highlights

Matt Synder, TE/DE, San Ramon (Ca.)

Article here is unfortunately behind paywall, but Mr. Synder seems to be extremely happy with his 2 visits judging by the title and the short preview!

Hudl Highlights

Caleb Kelly, OLB, Fresno (Ca.)

A member of the class of 2016, but already a highly touted player, Kelly was also in the house this past weekend at the spring game. Great to offer this guy early on; he already boasts a handful of offers from the nation's best football programs.

Hudl highlights

Savion Simms, ATH, Fresno (Ca.)

Simms plays mostly cornerback, but could likely be a major special teams contributor at the next level. A true speedster. He was also in Berkeley this past weekend with his teammate Zeandre.

Hudl Highlights