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Golden Nuggets: Marshawn Lynch will star in "Family First," his own biopic

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Lynch was struck with the "acting bug" and will reveal his true character, not just the public's negative perception.

Jeff Gross

Golden Bear. Seattle Seahawk. Super Bowl Champion. Movie star?

RB Marshawn Lynch will star in his own biopic, which is tentatively rated PG-13 and will be released by the end of 2014.

Lynch often comes off as abrasive and ornery. And it fits the hardcore persona that makes him a beloved figure, especially in Seattle. But the four-time Pro Bowler says the media gets too caught up in that narrative.

He believes he's stereotyped for his dreadlocks and gold teeth and inner-city mannerisms, which explains why his mistakes get more attention than his good deeds. So Lynch is looking to put his story in context through this movie.

"Most people don't know how much he cares," said director Mario Bobino of Debonair Production, who is co-producing the film with Ramasses Head. "Marshawn is very human. He is passionate about family. He is passionate about Oakland, about Cal. He has a great desire to do good things for the youth of the community. That's the side of Marshawn people don't see."

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