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Which players excite you about this upcoming season?

Spring practice talking time!

Ezra Shaw

3. Which players excite you about the upcoming season?  Which newcomers stood out to you during spring practice?

Sam Fielder: All the hype about Trevor Davis has me pretty excited to see him stretch the field next season, despite a less than stellar spring game.  I'm also super pumped to see Brennan Scarlett back in uniform and really want to see him in opposing backfields wreaking havoc.

Leland Wong: I'm really looking forward to seeing all the players we missed out on in 2013, like S Avery Sebastian, DE Brennan Scarlett, and DT Mustafa Jalil. I'll even throw in RB Daniel Lasco because I'd love to see what he can do when fully healthy.

Avinash Kunnath: Great to see Brennan Scarlett back. If he's 100% healthy, our pass rush might actually get to the quarterback a few times next season. Also good to see Avery Sebastian and Nathan Broussard getting into the rotation. Even if they can't start, the depth is invaluable at this point.

Trevor Davis was the newcomer who really stood out. How about Maximo Espitia finally finding a starting spot at linebacker of all places? Both have been solid this offseason.