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Golden Nuggets: More Details Emerge in the Damariay Drew Assault Allegations

A court affidavit reveals new details, including eyewitness reports.

Bob Stanton-USA TODAY Sports

More details have emerged in the Damariay Drew case, thanks to a court affidavit.

Drew allegedly confronted Lavine-Edwards last Tuesday during a fundraising event at a fraternity on the 2700 block of Bancroft Way on the southern edge of campus.

Lavine-Edwards was accompanied by his 20-pound Jack Russell terrier mix, and Drew said the dog had bit him, Berkeley police Sgt. Peter Hong wrote in a court affidavit.

Lavine-Edwards said Drew kicked his dog, police said. During the confrontation, Drew told Lavine-Edwards in profane terms that he was going to beat him up and then punched him three times, Hong wrote.

Lavine-Edwards suffered a broken jaw and will likely need reconstructive surgery, police said.

"Two witnesses identified Drew as the suspect," Hong wrote. "The same two witnesses, independently, provided an account of the incident consistent with the victim."

Drew's attorney cautions us against jumping to hasty conclusions.

Drew was arrested Thursday. He posted $100,000 bail Saturday, said his attorney Darryl Stallworth, who was reviewing police reports in the case.

He urged the public to "hold off until there's a fuller picture," adding that his client "didn't just drop out of the sky and kick a dog."

Originally scheduled for Monday, Drew's arraignment was postponed until Friday.

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