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What was discouraging about spring practice??

We're talking about practice!

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports
2. What spring football developments have discouraged you the most? Which area of the team do you feel the least confident in going into next season?  

Sam Fielder: The running game and the defensive line both seem out of sync and less than stellar this spring.  Obviously both units were missing key guys and things are in flux on both of these, but if we are going to be competetive in 2014 we need  good pass rush to take the pressure off the secondary and a good running game to take the pressure off the offensive line.  I think they'll both improve in fall practice once they have the full stable of players back from injuries and bring the JC's and freshmen, but still, just given the spring these two units didn't look good.

My least confident area is again the secondary.  I think they'll be improved over last year (nowhere to go but up!) but I still think we're just a few injuries away from disaster.

Leland Wong: The play of the quarterbacks was a little underwhelming. Austin Hinder had an up-and-down day. At first, he was actually the most effective at moving the ball (with second-teamers up against the first-team defense), but would follow up each great play with a huge mistake, like throwing it into a crowd of (beautiful) blue jerseys on defense. Kyle Boehm and Joey Mahalic were unforgettable when they stepped up under (or is it behind?) center.

I'm a little hesitant to evaluate Jared Goff based on that day as he's still getting back into the swing of things after his injury. (Thanks, Skov.) Going up against our second-team defense, he had a bad first half, but recovered to have a great second half. Maybe he just needed some time to warm up. Maybe he has regressed since we last saw him. I don't feel comfortable throwing out 50% of our data (either the good or the bad) and I'm not going to look into the data too much, but let's hope Goff can improve on his set of strong performances from 2013.

Avinash Kunnath: Despite better coaching, the defensive front seven has plenty of question marks due to depth. Outside Brennan Scarlett, you're not seeing many real improvements up front--the defensive tackle situation is really dire, and we're having difficulty finding a second everydown defensive end. The linebacking corps is unproven for the most part, and we're seeing a lot of shifting and shuffling. There will be hiccups with this group, although I'd expect improvement to come as the season goes along.

The run game is the other big question mark, and with no Khalfani Muhammad in spring practice, I have no real idea about what we're capable of going into next season. Daniel Lasco has had some nice physical runs, but it's hard to really trust results against this particular unit.

Berkelium97: I'm starting to think we'll never again have an O-line like we did in the '02-'08 years.  The run blocking was lackluster, snaps soared like eagles, and pass protection was spotty.  I knew we were in trouble when the left side of the line was completely blown up on the first play from scrimmage.  The only thing saving Jared Goff was that no-contact gold jersey.