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2014 NFL Draft: Day 3 Open Thread

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Cal's Richard Rodgers is off the draft board, but DeAndre Coleman, Khairi Fortt, Brendan Bigelow, and Kameron Jackson are still available. Will any of them be taken in today's final day of the 2014 NFL Draft?

Will DeAndre Coleman find an NFL home today?
Will DeAndre Coleman find an NFL home today?
Kelley L Cox-USA TODAY Sports

I fully expected to go into Day 3 of the 2014 NFL Draft still waiting for the California Golden Bears yet to have a player taken.  But to my surprise, toward the end of last night's third round, the Green Bay Packers decided that one Rodgers was not enough.

So Richard joins Aaron in Green Bay.  As if Green Bay Packers games were not already must-see TV for Cal fans, this move by the team makes it even more so.  Perhaps we will see some Rodgers-to-Rodgers connections on the frozen tundra of Lambeau Field.

Richard Rodgers might be off the draft board, but there are other Cal players who have NFL aspirations as the draft proceeds to rounds 4 through 7 today, beginning at 9:00 am Pacific Time.  DT DeAndre Coleman is probably the best bet for a Cal player to be drafted today with LB Khairi Fortt also a possibility.  Will anyone take a flyer on speedy RB Brendan Bigelow? How about CB Kameron Jackson?  Or LB Chris McCain, who declared for the draft after being dismissed from the team? We shall see.

This is your open thread for the final day of the draft.  Share your thoughts in the comments as you watch the coverage on ESPN and/or NFL Network.