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What was your favorite memory from the 2013-2014 Cal Men's Basketball Season?

We want to know YOUR favorite memory!

Kelley L Cox-USA TODAY Sports
2. What is your favorite moment from the 2013-2014 MBB season?

Nick Kranz: I was apparently the only Cal fan in on the planet who didn't see the Arizona game, so I'll go with Cal's surprising-at-the-time and even-more-surprising-in-retrospect upset win at Maples. Remember, at that moment Cal was without both Jabari Bird and Ricky Kreklow, and had looked mediocre late in the non-conference season. Stanford was just off an upset of UConn. Hope was low, but that didn't stop Cal from controlling the game throughout.
In the end it was a disappointing season, but that win at Maples was the tonic Cal fans needed after a football season that can be charitably compared to being covered in honey and ants.

atomsareenough: Obviously, everyone's favorite moment was beating Arizona. I was there and it was fantastic. I wasn't even nervous about it. I just knew, we got this.

Ruey Yen: Like atoms said, this one is easy. The Arizona win was huge and very very special, even if I only saw it on the small screen of my phone while out and about.

Berkelium97: I don't watch much college basketball, but I did watch the upset against Arizona. That was the highlight of the year and one of the best moments of the Monty era.

[LeonPowe] Aside from beating Arizona? Jeff Powers going off in the NIT.

TwistNHook: Look, it's easy to say the Arizona victory, but I think you have to get more specific. Rushing the Court after the game was an extremely unique experience for me. I've never rushed a court before. Rushed a field. Dodged a wrench. But never rushed a court. That is a more intense and packed experience than rushing a massive football field. There are far fewer players and you have no idea where they are.

I think that a lot of my frustration and disappointment with the end of the season stems from that high of rushing the court back in February. When you've spent 20 minutes running around the court, hugging friends, carrying Oski on your shoulders (CBKWit approved!), and generally carrying on like its a wedding reception, seeing the team collapse is so perplexing.

That is one memory that I'll take from the Monty era that may never be matched in any other Cal MBB era. We may go deeper into the tournament (hopefully!), but that'll be viewed on a screen of some sort, not in person with thousands upon thousands of my closest friends. Thanks, Monty for giving us the highest of the high in February of 2014! GO BEARS!