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Cal Football Spring Practice: Sonny Dykes Media Roundtable

Coach Sonny Dykes sat down with the local media to informally answer questions about the Cal football team and provide updates on the team's progress this Spring.

Kelley L Cox-USA TODAY Sports

With spring practices and the spring game now complete, California head coach Sonny Dykes met with the local media on Tuesday afternoon for an informal Q&A session.  After some light refreshments, the roundtable began with Sonny giving his overall thoughts on Spring football 2014:

"We’re certainly better," Dykes said. "We’re playing with more confidence and as a result we’re playing faster. Tackling was much better but it still has to improve. Our players feel good about the progress we made this spring."

The team remained relatively healthy following the completion of Spring practices.  The only "new" injuries this Spring were two sprained ankles - to Puka Lopa and Jordan Rigsbee.  Both players are expected to be healthy in time for summer and fall camp:

With finals and the end of the semester quickly approaching, Sonny identified several emerging leaders - who will also motivate and help coordinate the team during the summer for (player-led) workouts and conditioning:

Dykes sees the emergence of leaders, such as offensive linemen Chris Borrayo and Steven Moore, running back Daniel Lasco, defensive end Brennan Scarlett and defensive back Stefan McClure, among others.

Sonny also noted that Fall newcomers Darius White (CB), David Davis (DT), and Dom Granado (RT) - all JC transfers - will all compete at their respective positions, while incoming freshmen Tre Watson (RB) and Luke Rubenzer (QB) will also have opportunities to compete for playing time:

The offensive line - including the C & RT positions - is still in flux, and very dependent on the expected healthy return of Chris Adcock and Matt Cochran this summer:

Coach Dykes added that a strong offensive line will be essential in having a productive running game:

As for the defense, Sonny mentioned that the players - and staff - have progressed in new DC Art Kaufman's system:

And when asked about the team's academics, Coach Dykes had good news:

He also described positive changes in the team culture and overall mentality:

Towards the end of the Q&A session, Coach Dykes was asked whether he has a specific win-loss record in mind as a goal for the upcoming season:

Fall camp begins on August 3rd, with practices starting on August 4th: