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Golden Nuggets: Media has no faith that Cal can execute our search for an MBB coach

Cal has done everything under the sun wrong, so there's no reason to believe we can properly find a head coach. Apparently.

Jayne Kamin-Oncea-US PRESSWIRE

According to the media, Cal will most certainly fail in our endeavor to find a new coach for our men's basketball program.

Ann Killion of the SFGate thinks we're wasting our money by hiring DHR International to assist in the search as the perfect candidate is right in front of our nose.

Cal should junk the executive search firm in the hunt for a replacement for basketball coach Mike Montgomery. And use Montgomery as its personal Bears search firm.

Great idea, huh?

Montgomery made an unusually impassioned plea Monday for athletic director Sandy Barbour to name associate head coach Travis DeCuire as his successor.

DeCuire is certainly a promising candidate and I would have no problem if he ends up with the job, but given that he has yet to have a head-coaching gig, I don't think there's a problem with fully exploring all of our options.

I love the rhetorical "great idea" and her closing of the article with a "you're welcome." Money can't buy that kind of sass!

But that's nothing compared to the write-up by our BFF, Jon Wilner. Wilner dismisses Athletic Director Sandy Barbour's role in hiring Montgomery and, without providing any facts or evidence, suggests that Barbour will have no significant power in this process.

Barbour has been involved in a series of missteps for the athletic department, from the budget fiasco and the Memorial Stadium financing mess to the embarrassing graduation rates.

She is also responsible for hiring football coach Sonny Dykes, whose rookie season could not have been worse.

The combination of events have cast Barbour's long-term future at the school into doubt and undermined confidence in her judgment within the Cal athletic community.

Will she be handed the keys to the basketball search, free to present her favored candidate to the administration for approval? Or will her every move be vetted as thoroughly as the candidates themselves?

There is something to be gained from this article as Wilner spoke with a West-Coast coach about the perception of the Cal gig.

Cal is considered "a hard job,'' according to the head coach of a West Coast school.

The program is in better shape now than when Montgomery arrived in 2008. But Cal is not UCLA, steeped in success and surrounded by the most fertile recruiting ground in the country. It's not Arizona, a basketball factory and the only show in town. And it's not Stanford, which has embraced its inner "Nerd Nation."

"Cal has no brand," the West Coast coach explained.

I guess Wilner said at least one nice thing, in acknowledging that our curriculum is more rigorous than the UCLAs and Stanfurds of the world.


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