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In-N-Out in Berkeley a hoax: Will there ever be an In-N-Out in Berkeley?

Don't get your hopes up.

In-N-Out in Telegraph real?
In-N-Out in Telegraph real?
Cal Athletics Ticket Office

UPDATE 2: Here's a link to a petition to bring In-N-Out to Berkeley, with already over a thousand signatures! Thanks to Matthew Breuckmann for sending that link over.

UPDATE: We're removing the question mark from the title. Sorry peeps.

It started with a photo that gave hope to a hungry people.

We followed up to see if there was any fire to go along with that smoke.

As you can see, Cal fans are pretty despondent about the possibility of a hoax, but there could be reason to hope.

In-N-Out in Berkeley has been a cause espoused by many a Californian in modern times. Currently, if you want a double-double with animal style fries, you have to trek eleven miles up I-80 to Pinole. We rank last among the California schools in distance to the nearest In-N-Out, which I'm sure has been a potent recruiting tool used against us on the trail the last few years. Mike Riley probably gets his Beavers more In-N-Out burgers on road trips than our Golden Bears have gotten to experience over the past decade.

Obviously, there are serious impediments to In-N-Out coming to Berkeley. There's the Berkeley-based law firm that filed a suit alleging hiring discrimination policies. There's the generally business unfriendly environment, plus the high rents that In-N-Out would definitely have to be okay with for taking up the Telegraph property. And it's not like the Telegraph Avenue site is situated in an area that In-N-Out generally tackles anyway.

Cal fans, do you think there will ever be an In-N-Out in Berkeley? What is the best burger place in Berkeley? And is Five Guys really better than In-N-Out? Sound off on our 2014 burger debate.