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Cal Softball at No.1 Oregon Ducks on Pac-12 Bay Area Friday night Gamethread

Bears need to win some games to continue the 20+ year streak of making it to the NCAA tournament.

Cal Softball Facebook

Cal Softball (22-18, 4-7) at Oregon Ducks (38-5, 12-1)

When: 4 pm PT

TV: Pac-12 Bay Area

Game Update: Twitter (@CalSoftball)


Teams Conf Overall
OREGON 12-1-0 38-5-0
ARIZONA STATE 12-3-0 38-6-0
UCLA 10-3-0 37-4-0
ARIZONA 9-6-0 34-9-0
CALIFORNIA 4-7-0 22-18-0
WASHINGTON 4-7-0 24-11-0
UTAH 4-11-0 19-19-0
OREGON STATE 3-11-0 13-24-0
STANFORD 2-11-0 25-17-0

Bears dropped the Thursday result 9-1 to the Ducks, but they would be very very happy to get a win today (or tomorrow) against the top ranked team in the country this year. This year's Pac-12 standings is a bit upside down with perennial powerhouses in Cal and Stanfurd (no sympathy from CGB on all their transferred/injured players) both struggling a bit.

Apparently, the Bears will be decked out in pink for this game (I'm personally not a fan but I don't think I'm the target audience).