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Cal football single-season APR reportedly jumping to 969 in 2012-13

Multiyear APR might take awhile longer to jump.

Cal Bears Online

Final APR scores are not set to be released for another month or two, but it seems like Cal is back on the upswing when it comes to both yearly and multi-year APR. Sonny Dykes announced at the Tiny Bates Banquet that Cal's 2012-13 APR is set to jump to 969, a 46 point leap from the dreadful 2011-12 APR of 923.

The 969 score would have trailed only our rivals at the Farm last season, so I imagine we will trail only them in single year scores next season.

An improved APR was a must-have for Dykes after a terrible season. Not only did APR need to be raised to turn around the academic profile of the program, it was needed to ensure the average didn't drop below the APR Mendoza line of 930. After this season, 2008-09 was coming off the books, leaving us with three years of sub-930 scores. A 960+ APR score was desperately needed.

2008-09 APR: 963
2009-10 APR: 921
2010-11 APR: 923
2011-12 APR: 925
2012-13 APR: 969

Do not expect a huge raise in multiyear APR. The 969 would replace the 963, meaning we'll have maybe one or two points of improvement from last season. It will be up to Dykes to maintain that level of academic success and ensure we don't lose momentum on the academic front. Players need to leave Cal with degrees.