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CGB Fantasy Week (Month?) in Review: NCAA Tournament Pick 'em Results

Announcing the winner of the 2014 CGB NCAA Tournament Pick 'em!

That was unexpected...
That was unexpected...
Darren McCollester

March Madness is but a distant memory, soon to be replaced in the basketball world by the NBA Playoffs...or the wait for the lottery...or hopelessness. Before that happens, however, let's look back on how we fared in the annual CGB March Madness tournament.

With a championship game featuring a 7 seed and an 8 seed, the tournament was particularly cruel to our brackets this year. In such trying times, however, we can look up to Zeke Stephens who triumphed as our overall winner:


Zeke narrowly defeated Ed for the top spot. Despite not watching any non-Cal college basketball prior to the tournament, yours truly managed to finish third. Clean Cut Media and Geoff L. round out the top-5. We've included the rest of the top-15 so they can exercise their bragging rights. Other noteworthy accomplishments inculde:

  • Despite finishing 50th overall, Frederick's Legit Bracket posted the highest score in the first round, with 28 (out of 32) correct picks.
  • Our overall winner Ron Mexico All Stars, second-place finisher Ed's Expert Bracket, and Clean Cut Media posted the highest second round scores, with 24.
  • Madison Square Zen Garden, Corn on the Cobbs, and Brian Cozen's Best Bracket were tops in the third round with 20 points.
  • Ron Mexico All Stars, Ed's Expert Bracket, Harbaugh So Hard (Boo Rishi!), and TheOskiShuffle were the only participants to pick 2 of the Final Four.
  • NO ONE picked either one of the Championship Game participants and, obviously, no one picked the overall winner.
Thanks for participating this year!