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Golden Nuggets: After Consulting Wikipedia to Figure out the Transition Tag, Alex Mack Becomes the Highest-Paid Center in the NFL

Alex Mack's quest to become the highest-paid center in the league is now complete.

Alex Mack: Cal grad. Highest paid center in the league. Defender of America.
Alex Mack: Cal grad. Highest paid center in the league. Defender of America.
Ken Blaze-USA TODAY Sports

Alex Mack's free agency has been a learning process. No, really. He had to look up "transition tag" once the Browns decided to match the offer sheet he signed with Jacksonville.

Mack said all the usual things about the free agent experience. It was interesting. The uncertainty was wearing. He's happy how it worked out. And yes, he's happy to be the highest paid center in the league.

"I work hard," Mack said. "I'm going to continue to do that."

Mack is right about that. He is a hard worker, and a valuable member of the Browns offensive line.

And, thanks to the work of Marvin Demoff, he has a five-year contract that he can void after two years to again pursue free agency.

"It gives me a lot of power as a player, which is exciting," Mack said. "That's something that may happen or it may not happen."

Mack said when he received the transition tag -- which allowed the Browns to match any offer he received -- he was sent scurrying to Wikipedia to find out what it meant. He added that he knew when he signed with the Jaguars he could wind up there, so he had to be happy with the thought of the Browns or Jacksonville.