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Former Alabama center Chad Lindsay reportedly looking at Cal, Ohio State

Are the Bears in the mix for some o-line depth?

Kevin C. Cox

To tell you the truth, it hasn't been the most inspiring spring in terms of center play, because far too many snaps from J.D. Hinnant and Jordan Rigsbee have landed too high, too low, or just outright in the wrong direction. Despite how much the staff loves Rigsbee, it is more than fair to say that the inability to snap consistently -- a troubling problem lasting years long, now -- is a hindrance.

Perhaps, though, some outside help is on the way -- CBS Sports' Jeremy Fowler is reporting that Alabama transfer Chad Lindsay is interested in the Cal Bears, and is on his way to visit very soon. And yes, he will be able to play this fall, having already graduated.

Appearing in eight games and starting four last season, the 6'2, 302 pound Lindsay -- who hails from the same hometown and high school as Daniel Lasco -- has visited Michigan, Louisville, and Oklahoma the last few weeks, and should make a decision by the end of the month.

If Sonny Dykes is able to pull in Lindsay's letter of intent and presuming that he would start right away, this would create a bit of a logjam on the right side of the line, forcing Chris Adcock, Jordan Rigsbee, Matt Cochran, Brian Farley, and Christian Okafor to fight over the remaining two jobs. Not exactly a bad problem to have, but still. [It seems safe to assume that Chris Borrayo and Steven Moore aren't going anywhere.]