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What is your favorite memory of the Monty Era?

This isn't the movie Momento! Tell us your memories!

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What is your favorite moment from Monty's tenure at Cal?

Nick Kranz: Rather than specific games or specific moments, what sticks out in my mind from the Monty era is a general sense of the players who he put in a position to succeed.

I think about Jerome Randle hitting 3s from the logo, and that Monty let him do that. I think about Jorge Gutierrez, and how he brought a defensive minded play that helped push Cal to a conference title as a sophomore, and then I think about the type of player he was just two years later under Monty's coaching. I think about Allen Crabbe coming off curl after curl, running through double screens, as Monty tries to pull every trick out of his hat to get Cal's best player an open shot. I think about Markhuri Sanders-Frison, Harper Kamp, Jeff Powers, Robert Thurman, and every other marginally recruiting and/or injured player that wouldn't have gotten a 2nd glance on most other Pac-12 rosters, who Monty helped turn into valuable contributors.

atomsareenough: Definitely, it was beating James Harden and Arizona State at Haas to win Cal's first Pac-10 championship in 50 years. I was there for that one too, and it was a great celebration. That year was also the lovable Randle/Christopher/Robertson/Boykin/Jorge team, which provided another top Monty era moment, the epic comeback at Haas against Stanford. Other honorable mentions: This year's Arizona game, the 3OT Washington game, last year's games against Oregon, beating Louisville in the Tourney.

Ruey Yen: Winning the Pac-10 conference and have all those seniors cutting down the net will always have a special place in my heart. It is a moment that I dream about when I was a student, and Monty played a huge part in making that a reality (even if the rest of the Pac was weak).

Berkelium97: Easy: winning our first conference title in 50 years.

Vincent S:
1. Winning the first Pac-12 championship in 50 years against ASU at home
2. Coming back from 22 down to beat Stanford in 2009
3. Beating #1 Arizona in 2014 (Gold-Out!)
4. Beating top-10 Oregon in 2013 (Gold-Out!)
5. College Gameday in Berkeley against UCLA in 2009
6. Max Zhang, Robert Thurman, and every other unheralded player playing their hearts out in a California uniform.
7. The offensive juggernaut that was the 2009-2010 team. Jerome Randle from 40-feet was automatic.

LeonPowe: The entire season of the Randle/Robertson/P.Chris/Boykin senior team. Watching Jerome drop 3s from deep, P. Chris with his smooth game, Theo fill in exactly in the place he was needed. Jorge defending 7 different guys in 5 minutes. Boykin with his jump hooks. If only Kamp was healthy that year - I think we could've gone a few more rounds in the tournament.