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Cal WBB vs. Wazzu: Pac-12 Tourney Gamethread

Can Cal advance to the Pac-12 semi-finals to face Utah or Oregon State, or will Washington State get revenge for a regular season sweep at the hands of our Bears?

Sage Romberg doesn't want to end her senior season yet.
Sage Romberg doesn't want to end her senior season yet.
Gary A. Vasquez-US PRESSWIRE

When: 6:00 pm
TV: Pac-12 Networks

As expected, the Bears will be facing Washington State, who beat Oregon in a typically hectic, fast paced shoot out in what might be Paul Westhead's last game behind the bench for the Ducks. This is a pretty ideal situation for our Bears, facing a team that they have already beaten twice, with the advantage of rest. If playing Oregon is as exhausting as I suspect then Cal should have an energy advantage.

If you're looking for a preview of Wazzu's personnel, check out the previews I wrote for Cal's game in Pullman and then Cal's OT win at Haas. But here are a few things to watch for tonight:

1. Can Reshanda punish the Cougs again? In two games vs. Washington State, Reshanda has combined to shoot 24-34 for 67 total points and 26 rebounds. Simply put, Wazzu hasn't shown that they have a single player who can even slow Gray down, let alone stop her. If she has another monster game it's hard to see Cal losing this one.

2. Will Reshanda get a little help from her friends? And yet Wazzu took Cal to overtime at Haas because everybody else combined to shoot a shocking 14% from the field. Logically that won't even come close to happening again, but it will be nice to see the other Bears hopefully punish Washington State for the attention they are certain to devote to guarding Gray.

3. How healthy does everybody look? Brittany Boyd, Afure Jemerigbe, Mikayla Lyles and Gennifer Brandon have all picked up leg injuries of some kind, although none of them seemed serious. If Cal is 100% they should win this game, but losing any one of those players would be cause for concern, both now and through the rest of the season.