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Andy Buh reportedly no longer a Cal football coach, reassigned within athletic department

A spot has opened up on the coaching staff.

Cal Bears Online

The long awaited speculation about our coaching staff may have come to a head today. Andy Buh is reportedly no longer on the coaching staff for the California Golden Bears.

After being removed from the defensive coordinator position and potentially being the team's next linebacker coach, Buh has been reassigned within the athletic department and will no longer have any coaching position of any sort next season. The delay in this decision had to do with Buh's guaranteed contract; the Cal coach would have received 100 percent of his base and talent fee for the remainder of his contract if he had been fired, which would have topped off at over $1 million.

This has been speculated for awhile. With Art Kaufman taking over as the new Cal defensive coordinator and his specialty being linebackers, it would have been redundant to have both of these individuals on staff, and particularly strange for the former defensive coordinator to serve under the current defensive coordinator when they both have similar strengths.

Buh will not find many supporters for keeping him on staff. In his one year stint as Cal defensive coordinator, he presided over the worst defense in Golden Bear history, one that showed minimal improvement and often put the offense in huge holes minutes into the game. While Buh did have to adapt to a set of disastrous injuries to Cal starters, what he got out of their replacements was close to nothing. Cal's defense pretty much precluded them from being competitive in almost any of their games last season, losing by two touchdowns or more in all but one of their losses last season (and losing by three scores or more in eight of their nine losses in their 0-9 Pac-12 campaign).

Speaking of which, it isn't yet known what the now open coaching position will be for. Is it defensive line or linebackers? Where does Garret Chachere end up in this whole shuffle; does he stay on the defensive line or move to linebackers? There are still plenty of questions that need answering.

Here are Nam's thoughts.