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Bracketology 2014: Cal men's basketball watches the bubble

We're still in. For now.

Casey Sapio-USA TODAY Sports

Here's where the California Golden Bears stand going into the final week of the 2014 regular season, bracket-wise.

They're still in. For the most part. But that edge is so narrow that it doesn't seem like it would take all that much

Cal wins, and they're in. Cal loses, and they might still be in. Cal loses out? Anything goes, but how does a one seed in the NIT sound? So many more home games and leg room!

Chris Dobbertean, SB Nation: Dobbertean puts Cal in the 11 seed spot, where they face off with Kentucky in the first round in Spokane. Then they get San Diego State if they can get past that.

Joe Lunardi, ESPN: Lunardi has Cal at the 10 seed spot, facing UMass in the Buffalo region before battling Villanova in the second round.

Jerry Palm, CBS: Cal has slipped to the last four in. Palm has Cal at the 11 seed spot facing Providence. Then they have to battle through a Louisville/Virginia slog to try and get through the first week of action.

Obviously, three wins would probably remove Cal from worrying about having to play that additional game. Two will probably do that too. One?

Bite your fingers.