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Golden Nuggets: Browns transition tag Alex Mack to keep him in Cleveland

OL Alex Mack is the "no. 1 priority" for the Browns

David Richard-USA TODAY Sports

First-year coach of the Cleveland Browns, Mike Pettine, has determined OL Alex Mack is a must-keep player for his program, using the transition tag on the Cal center.

The Browns have designated Pro Bowl center Alex Mack as their transition player for 2014, meaning they have five days to match any offer for Mack.


If Mack plays under the tag, he would receive a guaranteed $10.039 million for 2014, the average of the top 10 offensive linemen in the NFL. A team signing the Pro Bowl center would not owe the Browns any compensation.

Before this news broke, Ian Rapaport reported on the new staff's dedication to retain Mack.

To get an idea of how Mack is viewed as a member of the Browns' offensive line, check out this profile from Dawgs by Nature, SBN's Cleveland Browns site.

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