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MPSF Men's Gymnastics Championships Open Thread

No.9 Bears look to make some noise at the conference (MPSF) championship today against tough competition (No.1 Oklahoma, No.3 Furd, No.10 Air Force).

Your 2013-14 Cal Men's Gymnastics Squad
Your 2013-14 Cal Men's Gymnastics Squad
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Viewing Info:

The matchup will be No. 9 Cal (1-7) vs. No. 1 Oklahoma (8-2), No. 3 Stanford (7-3) and No. 10 Air Force (11-9)

Wow, either there are really just not that many good Men's Gymnastics team in the country (okay, that's pretty easy to argue to be true) or the MPSF is loaded or the Cal Bears have played the toughest schedule imaginable in college gymnastics. Bears' awful record (how many of those losses are to 'Furd this year?) does not reflect what their team score is (which is used for the ranking).

From the

Poll Position
2014 GymInfo Poll

1. Oklahoma 9. California
2. Ohio State 10. Air Force
3. Stanford 11. Nebraska
4. Michigan 12. William & Mary
5. Minnesota 13. Army
6. Illinois 14. Navy
7. Penn State 15. Arizona State (club)
8. Iowa * Rankings by Total Event Average

So while a Bear win over Oklahoma may be unlikely, let's hope that the Bears can be better than Stanfurd today.