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Fabiano Hale case: Cal football player internally punished to avoid criminal charges

Hey, at least it's not Fulmer Cup–eligible!

The California Golden Bear accused of injuring Fabiano Hale will avoid punishment by the Alameda County District Attorney’s office if he completes punishments assessed internally by the university. Henry K. Lee of the San Francisco Chronicle has the story. (Due to student-athlete privacy laws, the accused has not been named in any official suit. )

The punishment meted out by the university is "sufficiently addressing the problem," said Paul Hora, an Alameda County assistant district attorney. "I could still file charges just depending on how things go."

The suspended player, who has not been identified, allegedly injured Fabiano Hale, 18, during a Nov. 1 incident at a Cal athletic facility adjacent to Memorial Stadium. Hale had missed a mandatory workout earlier that day, UC Berkeley police have said.

The player will not be able to take part in any team activities, and it looks as if he will also have to attend counseling and perform 25 hours of community service. It’s not specified what other obligations he must fulfill in order to receive reinstatement on the football team.

The suspended player is represented by Darryl Stallworth, who played football with the Bears in the 70s. Stallworth states that the accused will complete all requirements. An Alameda County assistant district attorney could still file charges if it is determined that he "doesn't follow through with his side of the bargain in completing all of the sanctions that have been imposed."