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Cal football spring schedule leaked, Bryce Treggs is fast, Golden Bears get stronger

Spring football is coming.

Kelley L Cox-USA TODAY Sports

For those wondering about FOOTBALL (in the spring), it's just around the corner and will dominate your April before the interminable offseason awaits. Dates and times are below.

Monday, March 31: 4 pm
Wednesday, April 2: 4 pm
Friday, April 4: 4 pm
Saturday, April 5: 11:30 am
Monday, April 7: 4 pm
Wednesday, April 9: 4 pm
Friday, April 11: 4 pm
Saturday, April 12: 10 am
Monday, April 14: 4 pm
Wednesday, April 16: 4 pm
Friday, April 18: 4 pm
Saturday, April 19: 10 am
Monday, April 21: 4 pm
Wednesday, April 23: 4 pm
Saturday, April 26 (SPRING GAME): 2 pm

Here is a calendar.

Nothing much has changed from last season's format (other than practices moving about two months later to their normal March/April format). The practices are an hour earlier this spring on the weekdays and a bit earlier in the morning on Saturdays aside from the spring game.

Hopefully this year we have the players to mount a solid spring game. Last year it was some sort of strange scrimmage that pitted offense against defense using some bizarre scoring system that makes European soccer tiebreakers look like apple pie.

The nice news is that some of our players seem to be showing some impressive conditioning improvements this offseason. Bryce Treggs looks like he's approaching speedster territory.

And players might be regaining the strength that didn't seem to be there in previous seasons, as strength and conditioning coach Damon Harrington gets his first full offseason with the new football team (he only joined the team last year prior to summer workouts).

Urban Meyer once said that "You can't function in today's era of college football without a superstar as a weight coach ... it's more important than a coordinator or a line coach." We are going to find out if Harrington can reverse the trend of Cal succumbing to injury after injury the past two seasons and get his players conditioned into tip-top football shape.

UPDATE: Add Brennan Scarlett to things to be excited about going into spring!