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Kameron Rooks out for the year with a foot injury


Kelley L Cox-USA TODAY Sports

Cal will lose freshman center Kameron Rooks for the remainder of the season. Rooks has a foot injury that will keep him from playing the rest of 2014.

Rooks had become Cal’s primary big off the bench. Although he wasn’t averaging many points or rebounds and struggled with overall foot speed, he was doing a lot of good work in post defense and interior defending in his limited minutes on the floor. More importantly, he provided the Bears with a big body, which is something Cal has very few of at this point.

His injury means the Bears will probably have to rely on Christian Behrens and a host of small lineups for the remainder of the year. With opposing teams attacking Richard Solomon and David Kravish with frequent regularity, it might mean Mike Montgomery will have to utilize more lineups with guards and wings players.

How will Rooks’s injury affect the Bears? Leave your thoughts in the comments.