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Donate to the Ted Agu Memorial Fund

Find out how you can help the family of Ted Agu.

Ted Agu
Ted Agu
Cal Bears Online

We've done a lot of remembering of Ted Agu in multiple places. What can we do to help his family?

Donate! Specifically to his Memorial Fund, which has been set up to honor his memory by his family, friends and The Epsilon Mu Chapter of Omega Psi Phi Fraternity Inc. More at

Ted Agu was the greatest guy any of us have probably ever known. He played football at UC Berkeley and passed away this morning after a conditioning drill. If Ted had to go at least he went doing what he loved. He was the happiest, most caring friend that anyone could ask for. So lets all be just as amazing and help his family out in this time of need. Memorial service time and place TBA.

The Cal family and many others have already shown plenty of generosity so far, with over 200 supporters coming together to help donate over $20,000. There are 19 days left to donate and the current goal is $30,000 (once the $30,000 goal is met, the donation goal is reset). Let's help them reach that goal and keep on working to make sure his family gets all the support they deserve.

Go Bears.