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Golden Nuggets: Coach Tedford Praises Ted Agu as the Model Student Athlete

Coach Tedford describes Agu as a student athlete whose accomplishments off the field set a great example for his teammates and the rest of the Cal student body.


Reflecting on Ted Agu's career at Cal, Coach Tedford praised him as a true student athlete.

"You can’t respect or admire anyone more than him," Tedford said of Agu. "He was such a driven, passionate guy. He came to Cal with a vision and a goal for academics and football."

Tedford called Agu a great "team guy" who was admired by everyone on the team.

"He had a very rigorous academic schedule but he also wanted to compete a high level," Tedford said. "He was going to prove his worth. It was mission accomplished 100 percent.

"Not only did he earn a scholarship, but along the way he gained the respect and admiration of his teammates, which is far more important than football. My heart goes out to the Agu family and the Cal players."

As a model student athlete, Ted Agu earned praise from the Dean of Public Health due to his accomplishments in the classroom. Dean of the School of Public Health Stefan Bertozzi issed a statement about Ted's untimely passing.

"Ted’s untimely death is a great shock; not only was he a star athlete on the Cal football team, but he was also a strong student with plans for medical school. Those who knew him have commented that despite having the impressive physicality of a football player, he had a charming warmth of character.

"Ted demonstrated strong leadership skills, serving as an informal peer adviser for incoming freshman football players. He was passionate about using the influence of football players and coaches to improve healthy behaviors among youth in our community and was planning to work with the School on a project related to this.

"He will long be remembered."

If you would like to donate to the Ted Agu Memorial Fund, please visit this link.



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