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Cal student & CGB writer Vincent Sheu solves Rubik's Cube on ESPN


We have to give it up to our main man Vincent Sheu. He always finds the best seats on The Bench right at mid-court. Which means when the camera cuts to the court, he'll occasionally get a chance to be right there in the background. Cal fans will usually do something clever, like insert one of their giant heads into the background.

But Vincent went beyond. He went to a whole 'nother level on Wednesday night. How about solving a Rubik's Cube right behind the acid-dripping Bill Walton? And he's done before the camera cuts away! IT TOOK HIM THIRTY SECONDS!

Listen Furd, you may have been clever enough to steal the #NerdNation moniker from us. But being rich, entitled and lame does not make you a nerd. It makes you a Furd. IT'S TIME FOR US TO TAKE IT BACK FROM YOU.

And Vincent is leading the charge! Go Vincent and GO BEARS!