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Cal vs. Stanford basketball: The rematch


Bob Stanton-USA TODAY Sports

TwistNHook: This is rare for a Cal fan, but I'm not worried. This team is good. We knew they were good. The 3 game losing streak, that was the outlier. It's unlikely that they'll play "Beat #1 Team In The Nation" level each week, but they don't have to. FAMOUS LAST WORDS!

Ruey Yen: I am actually quite worried, mostly because we don't know which Cal team would show up on Wednesday. Even with Arizona now having a loss, we are also not really back in the hunt for the conference title. Do I think the team will celebrate non-stop between Saturday and Wednesday and come out completely flat? Probably not, but the thought is definitely there in the back of my mind.

Scott Chong: Considering how we were playing prior to the big upset, it actually looked like we were headed towards a 5-game losing streak. It's still a tough match-up for us against a solid starting five, but I'm actually less worried about that game than I was after losing to ASU.

Nick Kranz: I'm moderately terrified, and I'm trying to decide how much of my fear is logical and how much is based on painful defeats to Stanford in previous years.

Stanford is, quite simply, playing good basketball at the moment. Since starting Pac-12 play with two losses they have won five of seven, with their only losses coming to the two best teams in the conference. They're a good, solid, well-rounded team, and Cal will have to play high intensity basketball to beat them, even at home.

Cal did a pretty good job on Randle and Powell at Maples, but the duo have generally been playing better ball since then. Can Cal hold them in check again? If so, hello two game winning streak.

Vlad Belo: I am not "terrified" of Stanfurd but I am wary of them. They seem to be playing good basketball of late and they have handed us costly losses the last two seasons. What worries me most about the rematch is whether we will have a hangover from the Arizona win. I would hope that a home game against a rival from whom we can sweep the season series will counteract the hangover effect.

Avinash Kunnath: People seem to be less worried. Therefore, I am automatically more worried. Stanfurd played a horrible game against us the first time around, but they are still a bad matchup with all their depth and athleticism and came very close to knocking off Arizona WITH a healthy Brandon Ashley. They are good at the one thing that causes our defense problems--threes--and if they knock down a few of those, anything goes.

We're going to need more than four players to score a lot of points to win this one. Everyone is going to have to step up to sweep the Furd.