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Cal upsets Arizona: The best things about the win


Kelley L Cox-USA TODAY Sports

TwistNHook: I can't figure out all the rankings, because they all seem so amazing. That moment when Cobbs shot was in mid-air and all the oxygen is sucked out of the room. That purity is why we watch sports. Will it go in? Will it not? Everybody in the building knew that Cobbs was taking that shot. And frankly it wasn't the best shot. He was falling backwards as he shot it. He had airballed a similar shot earlier in the game, IIRC. It was kind of like when Stanford went for it on 4th and 1 in the Rose Bowl. Everybody knew they were going to do that. They couldn't execute. We could. AND WE DID!

So, that moment made me super happy, because it was a reflection of the awesomeness of sports. Another moment that people who didn't make the game might not be aware of was earlier. There were not THAT many Az fans there, but they were making a LOT of noise. They were hyped up and they should be for their (former) #1 ranking. They had a HUGE U of A chant going and then the micmen got a GO BEARS! chant going that drowned them out. It was one of the biggest Go Bears chants I've ever been a part of. Much credit to the micmen, they did a great job all game long. But I really love the sportsmanship of that. This isn't like soccer hooliganism from Europe. It's one team's great chant taking on another team's great chant. And we won the chants. AND THE GAME!

Ruey Yen

1) The final score: Cal 60, No.1 Arizona 58. History made.
2) The Haas Gold Out looked pretty nice. It was of course extraordinarily great that we Gold Out the floor after the game. 3) David Kravish is back to form with a double-double (AND 4 blocks). Sure, the Bears were out rebounded 41-32 even with Arizona playing without Brandon Ashley. Still, the Bears have shown that they can't win (and barely beat Wazzu) with Kravish in his top form.

Scott Chong

1) We competed. Our guys came out tough, focused, and did not fear throwing down with the #1 team in the country. You could see the confidence and determination in their body language.


3) That sleazeball Miller and his assistant Pasternak (who tried to kick Jorge) slink back home in defeat.

Vlad Belo

In order, the top 3 things for me were: (1) we won, (2) we didn't suffer a home weekend sweep, and (3) we finished the first half of the conference schedule at an encouraging if not solid 6-3.