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Golden Tweets: Cal basketball taking down No. 1 Arizona ignites Bear Territory

It's rare for an event to bring Golden Bear Nation together, but that's exactly what Saturday night provided.

Kelley L Cox-USA TODAY Sports

Let's start with this one.

And go from there!

Basketball team

Jordan Matthews

Kameron Rooks

Sam Singer

Christian Behrens

Jeff Powers

Theo Robertson

John Montgomery

Gregg Gottlieb

Travis DeCuire

Football team

Jared Goff

Bryce Treggs

Chris Harper

Avery Sebastian

Darius Allensworth

Cameron Walker

Austin Hinder

Matt Cochran

Austin Clark

Vinnie Johnson

Ray Hudson

Cal community

Kevin Johnson

Leon Powe

Lindsay Gottlieb

Caitlin Leverenz

Counting Crows

Mike Silver


Ahmaad Rorie

Luke Rubenzer

Vic Enwere

Kamyrn Bennett

Patrick Laird

Noah Westerfield


Keenan Allen

Shane Vereen

Langston Walker

Kameron Jackson

The media