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Chimezie Metu puts Cal in top five with ASU, Creighton, Harvard, USC

Cal basketball might have found their top target for the 2015 recruiting class.

Jeff Gross

Cal basketball is recruiting far into the future, and they have their eyes set on one big target in next year's class. Lawndale (Ca.) power forward Chimezie Metu recently listed his top five, and the California Golden Bears made the cut.

Metu currently has offers from schools like Boston College, UConn, Long Beach State, San Diego State, USC and Washington. So interestingly, of his top five, only Cal and USC appear to have publicly offered Metu. You figure the Bears would be in a pretty good place if they have that offer out early. Harvard probably won't offer Metu until they have an idea of his academic standing. Arizona State and Creighton have been targeting him too, so don't be surprised if you see offers coming from him soon.

Metu has visited Cal already, visiting Berkeley early last September. He's also one of the main stars on the Oakland Soldiers, so he's pretty familiar with the area. He also had time to play a little bit of hoops with some Cal basketball greats.

Metu is considered a top 50 recruit in the 2015 class and would be a huge signing if we were able to land him. Here are his video highlights, which showcase his impressive athleticism and timing.