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Marshawn Lynch & Brandon Mebane are Super Bowl champions


Jeff Gross

It's been a long road for Marshawn Lynch in the NFL. It hasn't been clean, it's been full of unpredictable, moody moments. But he's found his place with the Seattle Seahawks, and he helped power his team to a Super Bowl Championship.

Lynch was bottled up for most of the first half. The Denver Broncos defense was ready to stop the run for most of the game. But Russell Wilson was on his game, and eventually they found their way to the end zone. Beast Mode was more than capable of picking up a yard to put the Seahawks up two scores.

As good as Lynch was all season, he wasn't the best Golden Bear tonight. Brandon Mebane was his usual quiet, dominant self, getting one big tackle on a screen and plugging up the Denver offense on the interior.

Both Mebane and Lynch are now champions. GO BEARS!