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Cal women's basketball vs. Stanford, take two: Gamethread

Can the Bears bring the type of effort that allowed them to shave 25 points off of a 30 point deficit last Thursday? Can Cal basketball get their 2nd win over a top 5 team on the weekend?

Bob Stanton-USA TODAY Sports

When: 1:00 pm


Quickie keys to the game:

1. Get something out of Reshanda Gray - When Stanford is willing to double and triple team a player, it's hard. It's really hard. But she's too important to Cal's offense to realistically win the game without her contributing in some fashion offensively. Just having her on the court makes a big difference defensively and on the glass.

2. Effort carry over - Cal almost certainly won't be able to boss the game the way they did in the last 13 minutes - Tara Vanderveer won't tolerate a similarly sleepy effort from her team again. But if Cal plays with the exact same mindset and energy level for 40 minute, they can very much pull the upset.

3. 30+ minutes from Gen Brandon - Gen played 25 minutes on Thursday, and to my eye she looked great. Easily her best performance of the year. Quite frankly, Cal needs her athleticism and rebounding on the court as much as possible to match up with a team like Stanford. I'd like to see her start, if possible.